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It isn't a BRAND if the logo is not recognizable. Now have a good look at your logo does it has unique top of the mind recognition or is it just a clumsy out come of small time graphic designer who couldn't think out side the box. Logo speaks a lot about your salon and the kind of experience you provide to customers as it's the first thing they notice before stepping in.


Ever salon have a unique identity and that what you salon must have too…we provide the proper selection of salon themes and turnkey project from helping the right salon interior as per the operations flow and selections of salon equipments and furniture's. Its not only the service which brings in the customers it's the over all experience, and ambiance plays a vital role. Interiors must be unique, vibrant, soothing and operational at the same time. Too flashy can be a turn off and killer of your budget and being too ascertain will leave too many empty spaces in your salon. You need a balance. Hiring WE will help you restore your salon theme and optimum use of available space.


If you're salon, academy or products brand owner, need to sell or buy, rent our or need on lease your business, we might help your out with the best deal. Robe us in to crack that deal you were eye-ing for a long time. Our vast experience in the field of Salon, spa and retail industry is the key for buying and selling the desire product and service.


It's not the fancy equipment which wins the war it's the soldier on the ground who wins it. You need a good team of skilled stylist in your salon. But the question is who to select? Take a chill! We can conduct interviews and searches on your behalf and help you recruit the right candidate.


Advertising is the effective way to reach out clients any medium say internet, print, radio, TV you name it and we bet we will never run out of ideas. With our expertise in salon marketing we provide solutions just suit you needs to build you low client flow.


In order to make your business operational smooth and professional you need to get tech savvy. Papers and pens are things of past. Today to run a salon you require to manage hell lot of data i.e. customers list, stocks, salaries, cash in flow and out flow etc a slightest error can be fatal, here Computer software could be handy. Relax operating one isn't a rocket science. Our expertise will help you choose the right software and tools you require to manage your business with an ease.


An event of knowledge sharing for salon owners, managers and salon staff which creates a successful business. Salon owners & organizers can contact us for more information.

Professional fees & Service pricing 

Since every project is unique and the scope of work can vary tremendously, our company will create a scope of work and estimate the time necessary to complete each task involved. Will quote hourly, daily, or weekly rates depending upon your needs and budget.

If you have some ideas where we can be a part of your organization in terms of development please contact us.

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